BEYO is an interactive educational application for Indonesian primary school students and teachers. It consists of fun, interactive learning materials based on the thematic curriculum for students and content customization for teachers to use.


With BEYO, children are encouraged to participate actively throughout the learning process instead of receiving knowledge passively. Children follow a narrative throughout the gameplay, while learning little by little as they advance the materials further. Voice overs are provided to better guide them understand the learning materials, while enhanced with sounds and songs as well.


For teachers, BEYO provides lesson customization based on available templates. Teachers can create their own characters, adding dialogues, editing texts, choices, even adding media into the content! Teachers then can preview the lessons that they have created. All these features will help teachers assemble their lesson materials easily, while also having fun throughout the process.


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Hello! My name is La Myra Bening and I am currently a third year design student in BINUS Northumbria School of Design. I am highly interested in technology and passionate about designing experience (I mean, any experience)