Beautiful, Worthy, Unique, Me!

Beautiful, Worthy, Unique, Me! is a children’s story book written in Indonesian and illustrated by Eln Paath, that follows a story about a young girl named, Kalia. The story raises the topic of colorism, a continual social issue within the Indonesian community. Given that colorism is historically associated by beauty standards of women, this book is targeted towards young girls. To raise awareness and trigger a sense of empathy towards the victims of colorism stigma, an Augmented Reality feature was added onto the book, which serves to deepen the already emotional story. Using an AR application called Artivive, readers can scan the six pages labeled with an AR logo to make the illustrations come to life!

creator’s profile

I felt so fortunate to have such supportive and loving parents who were willing to understand what I was wrestling with at my last university taking a major in Food Tech. Being a spontaneous and undecisive teen I was, the choice to do graphic design was a last-minute thing but I knew that I wanted to return back to my creative and artistic core that I have swept under the rug for years of not taking any art classes, so why not?