Anti Bajak Sejak Dini

#antibajaksejakdini is a campaign that focuses towards anti piracy awareness education
for Indonesian parents. The content is based on interactive social media and physical
campaign awareness with the help of collaboration between two brands: School of
Parenting and Vidio, to broaden the reach of the target audience.
With #antibajaksejakdini, parents can learn the importance of anti piracy by marketing it as a
parenting guide towards raising one’s children in the form of a parenting booklet and social
media content from
School of Parenting’s social media account. Further promoting Vidio as a
safe platform for families to consume entertainment media legitimately.
#antibajaksejakdini booklet is designed for parents to learn together alongside their children
with information and workbooks to be filled. Physical and digital advertisement about the
campaign will be used to widen the promotion of the campaign.

creator’s profile

Peace be upon you, my name is Laetitia Audrey and I’m a graphic designer that focuses
towards printing and social media content works. I enjoy illustration and motion
graphics, while passionate to learn more things