At the moment, Independent music in Indonesia is slowly rising to the top of the music industry. However, the problem now is how difficult it is for Indie artists to reach more of their targeted audience, especially with their limited resources. On the other hand, people with picky standards in music are often feeling difficult in looking for new music, and really hard to satisfy each of their own music tastes.


Ampli is a music app designed by Faizadira Satiajaya. It is a mood-generated app that offers mood-based personalized playlists for music enthusiasts.


With its simplistic and modern design, this app offers its users the opportunity to discover music from local indie Indonesian artists, and at the same time, boost their reach in the industry.


Designed for both music enthusiasts and artists, this app provides multiple features that let its users connect with their favorite artists and give virtual tips to support more of these artists’ works.


Easily search for tracks, playlists, and artists. Create your own playlists. Listen for free. Through the daily mood check, in 3 steps of filtering: activities, moods, genres, and music recommendations, get the playlists personally made to satisfy your mood.

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