Java Coast Batik

Collaborated with Wastaprema, Java Coast Batik is a website created and dedicated for young adults who are fascinated to discover Batik in a deeper scale. This website served with the purpose of not just re-introducing coastal Javanese Batik in a new light, but also exploring the meanings and symbolisms behind the famous Batik spread within the island. From Cirebon’s Megamendung, Pekalongan’s Hokokai, to Lasem’s Gunung Ringgit, Java Coast Batik provides information, history, symbolism, and galleries of various Batik patterns and ornaments.


This website features graphics and visuals reflecting the traditional theme of Batik and the oceans, integrated with modern layout and interfaces compatible to devices such as MacBook, iPad, Laptop, etc. Java Coast Batik was developed with hopes of raising awareness of the knowledge in coastal Batik while also growing an appreciation for one of Indonesia’s popular cultures

creator’s profile

Hello! I’m Agnes Marvella Adhiputri from Graphic Design and New Media in BINUS Northumbria School of Design. Graphic design and Illustration have been my passion since childhood, while also interested in website designing, animation, and photography! I am also very fond in gaming, animation, and entertainment culture.