Dear Future Me

“Dear Future Me” is an interactive web game specially crafted for Indonesian high school students, aiming to offer valuable insights into their prospective majors and career paths. The game encompasses Interest and Personality Tests inspired by the RIASEC Test from Quipper Campus. These tests assist in deciphering the students’ personalities, ultimately leading to the top eight major and career choices based on their test results.


This web game provides an engaging user experience featuring character customization, interactive mini-games, a vibrant community, and an immersive storyline enriched with captivating soundtracks. The protagonist of the game represents a third-year high school student grappling with uncertainties about their future. Designed with the intention of both captivating and educating, “Dear Future Me” serves as a resource for high school students who may be navigating through career confusion or simply seeking to explore their future job prospects in a fun, comfortable, and educational manner.

creator’s profile

Hello! I'm Adelia, a Graphic Design & New Media student at Binus University. My heart lies in the world of illustration, and I'm truly enthusiastic about interactive design, with a special focus on animation and video games. My journey is all about continuous learning and personal growth, and I embrace every experience with open arms!