Meta and Repetition 3

When a design is composed of a number of forms, those that are of identical or similar shapes are “unit forms” which appear more than once in the design. The presence of unit forms helps to unify the design. Unit forms can be easily discovered in most designs if we search for them. a design may contain more than just one set of unit forms​

Unit forms should be simple. Complicated unit forms often tend to stand out too much as individual forms, and the effect of unit be destroyed.​

Repetition of Unit Forms​

If we use the same form more than once in a design, we use it in repetition​

Repetition is the simplest method in designing. Columns and windows in architecture, the legs of a piece of furniture, the pattern on fabrics, tiles on the floor are obvious examples of repetition​

Repetition of unit forms usually conveys an immediate sense of harmony. Each repetitive unit form is like the beat of some kind of rhythm. When the unit forms are used in larger size and smaller numbers, the design may appear simple and bold; when they are infinitely small and in countless numbers, the design may appear to be a piece of uniform texture, composed of tiny elements

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